Research and Development

Scientific and research work conducted in the Department focuses on the issues of engineering of working machines, raw material industry equipment and issues related to rope and in-house transport. Broad knowledge and rich experience of employees, as well as well-equipped laboratory and research facilities allow for the implementation of a number of projects:

  • Laboratory tests of the properties of rock materials in the aspect of the evaluation of the effects of mining and transport processes.
  • Selection and design of mechanized mining systems and components for mining machines. Analysis of the causes of failures and damage to mining machinery and equipment resulting from working and service conditions.
  • Performance tests and selection of parameters for crushing, grinding, screening and vibratory granulation processes.
  • Conceptual projects, simulation studies and computational analysis of continuous transport systems.
  • Design, production and operation of ropes, equipment for transporting ropes and other technical devices in which steel ropes are used.
  • Expertises, industrial research, diagnostics and assessment of technical condition of machines, devices, means of transport and tensile structures as well as other technical objects.

The Department has a Testing Laboratory for Technical Means of Transport and Materials, certified by the Polish Center for Accreditation No. AB 771. The Department also has a Training and Examination Center UDT – CERT in Magnetic Tests of Steel Ropes (MTR).